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Sweet Bears Rhythm Motion Clock

Reg. $89.95     Our Price $69.30

Pink and blue teddy bears rhythmically sway back and forth to catch a baby's attention and ease them to sleep. This quiet clock will never wake up the baby.
The perfect elegant gift for any occasion.

Approx. 7.1"H X 8.1"W
Includes 2AA Batteries

 Sweet Bears Rhythm Motion Clock


Tulip Rhythm Motion clock
Tulip Musical Motion Rhythm Clock

Tulip Musical Motion rhythm clock

Reg. $142.00    

Our Price $99.40

Love is in bloom as the lovebirds gaze upon a beautiful rotating floral basket set against a brilliant mirrored interior. This refreshing scene is enhanced by the melody that plays Fur Elise every hour. Clock is battery quartz operated. 

Plays one Classical melody every hour on the hour. Fur Elise

H 10.5 X W 6.8 X D 2.3 


Woodgrain Spiral Rhythm Motion Clock

Woodgrain Spiral Rhythm Motion Clock

Reg. $128.00    

Our Price $89.60

The ever-turning spiral in this lovely old-world European style clock
features a pearl studded pendulum and is topped with a star.

Clock is battery quartz operated.

H 11.5 X W 7.1 X D 3.1

Woodgrain Spiral Rythm Motion Clock


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